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Change Log

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CalReply is now integrated with CRM and mobile marketing automation platform, Braze. This integration allows for adding calendar messaging through CalReply to new and existing customer journeys to further optimize your campaigns through Braze.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Integration with Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud and CalReply will be coming mid-Q3 of 2019.


The Rokt-LiveRamp partnership adds another channel of secure data passing between us and our clients. By obtaining complete data sets, Rokt is able to enhance our targeting abilities which include:On-board 1st party audiences

  1. Create relevant customer experiences through 1:1 personalization
  2. Create audience lists: suppression and lookalike (coming soon)
  3. Enrich data (coming soon)


The first half of 2019 has seen a number of UX improvements which has ultimately delivered a more consistent and intuitive experience for users and clients.

  • Improved user consent: removed areas of confusion for customers, which has led to more valuable engagements (referrals).
  • Consistency in performance: removed ineffective offer placements, streamlined the way we present offers, and added dynamic elements. Resulting in more homogeneous performance for clients.
  • Enhanced efficiency: simplifying the UX has allowed us to shorten the Rokt experience. Benefiting customers with a more concise experience whilst delivering similar outcomes for clients.